Ceremony is the use of ritualistic and stylistic conventions and practices to depict unique and distinguishing features of historical or social traditions of a culture. Ceremony imposes a formal structure, often with prescribed traditional movements, costumes, or artifacts.
Innovative use of ceremony can provide opportunities for creative expression in dance and drama.

The teacher:
  • plans for research opportunities to ensure that students have appropriate background information;
  • provides opportunities for authentic demonstrations by inviting guest speakers with knowledge and experience related to the particular tradition or culture;
  • provides opportunities for authentic settings and display and use of artifacts;
  • ensures that there is a climate of respect and consideration for activities related to the ceremony;
  • encourages students to develop creative presentations using the form of a ceremony;
  • arranges visits to settings where ceremonies are practised authentically.

  • requires sensitivity and insight with regard to other cultures;
  • requires knowledge and adequate background of traditional ceremonies.

Illustrations From The Mathematics Classroom

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