Choral Reading

Choral reading is a rehearsed oral presentation of a text by a group. Choral reading may be used to engage students at the introduction of a learning experience or to aid the interpretation of text. Through choral reading, students explore sounds and rhythms of language and show appreciation of form. The process also provides practice for reading orally and improving reading skills (students' eyes have to scan the line to keep up with others). Choral reading requires that voices of the group be arranged to interpret meaning effectively (in solos, groups, or whole group, and by volume, tone, and rhythms). In this way, students are encouraged to use their voices with greater expression, vocal range, and skill. As a group activity, choral reading promotes cooperation and enhances self-esteem by allowing individuals to make positive contributions.

The teacher:
  • selects the text or provides the opportunity for group selection;
  • determines the method for group formation;
  • may direct the presentation;
  • facilitates group decisions.

Choral reading:
  • may require adding sound effects and music to extend interpretation;
  • requires consideration of reading levels to accommodate students unable to read at the same pace as others;
  • may be an informal part of a larger learning experience or a formal presentation as a demonstration of learning.

Illustrations From The Mathematics Classroom

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