Choreography is the planning and arranging of the basic elements of dance – space, shape, time, and energy – into a finished dance composition. The term is used to describe the actual steps, groupings, and patterns of a dance composition. Choreography provides for creative expression through rhythmic motor activity. Choreography can involve using traditional steps of a particular dance structure, or it can represent a new composition.

The teacher:
  • models choreographic movements to illustrate basic principles involved;
  • provides opportunities for students to view videotapes or live performances;
  • ensures that students are aware of the safety factors involved in creating dance movements;
  • provides a safe environment, both physically and emotionally, for students to rehearse and perform their compositions.

  • requires background knowledge of the elements required for the composition of a completed work;
  • requires opportunities to test ideas and rehearse composition.

Illustrations From The Mathematics Classroom

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