Collaborative Teaching

Collaborative Teaching

Collaborative teaching is demonstrated when teachers share skills and expertise to plan, implement, and evaluate programs throughout the school in order to meet the learning needs of students and extend their learning opportunities. This may take the form of team teaching with other teachers in the same or different grades who have specialized training in areas such as guidance, special education, ESL, ELD, and school-librarianship. Each partner in the process brings relevant curricular experience and expertise, knowledge of diverse resources, and extended teaching and learning strategies. The demonstration by teachers of a collaborative approach to learning provides a model for students when they engage in learning activities, explorations, discoveries, and a variety of other group projects. Collaborative teachers also make use of community links to support learning inside and outside the classroom.

The teacher and teaching partners (guidance counselors, special education teachers, ESL/ELD teachers, teacher-librarians):
  • decide upon clear and concise planning models for collaboration;
  • demonstrate a clear understanding of group dynamics;
  • practise and model (for students, parents, community members) appropriate structures and frameworks for collaborative planning and working together;
  • explore opportunities for flexibility in delivery and modification of programs to suit their individual styles;
  • consider the ongoing development of the roles, relationships, and dynamics within a group;
  • use a variety of group activities and strategies to build a comfortable, team-building environment.

Collaborative teaching:
  • requires an understanding of the expertise and skills of the other partner;
  • requires respect for the other partner’s expertise, learning, and teaching styles;
  • requires an atmosphere of trust and empathy.

Illustrations From The Mathematics Classroom

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