Collage (visual format) is the creation of a new image formed by attaching materials such as paper, fabrics, photos, and other objects to a flat surface. A collage is composed of bits and pieces of originally unrelated images, including used commercial materials, to illustrate a theme or story or to create a new aesthetic work. A collage can have a strong impact by making a social statement, often using found objects or commercial images. The concept of collage can also be transferred to other art forms, such as photomontage, musical collage, dance collage, and multimedia collage. These forms include similar approaches in design and composition to create a new work in the particular medium chosen.

The teacher:
  • demonstrates the techniques of creating a collage by modelling the process and having samples available for viewing;
  • ensures that students are aware of health and safety issues when using found materials;
  • may provide some of the raw materials to be used (e.g., magazines, found objects, mounting boards);
  • helps students to understand how techniques of design and composition can be used to create collage in different art forms;
  • provides direction by presenting a problem that is to be depicted or resolved using this art form.

  • involves the selection of materials and the art form to be used;
  • requires careful arrangement to depict the story, theme, or issue;
  • requires knowledge of health and safety issues related to fibres and found materials.

Illustrations From The Mathematics Classroom

What Math Means To Me - Mathematics Students (Ages 9-10)
external image ccaroline.jpg
What Mathematics Means To Me
Math is very important in my life. This project helped me to see the many ways I use math. Everyday I use math to see the amount of time it will take to read or do my homework for example. When I go shopping I use math to count my money, see if I can afford something, and see how much change I'll get. At sports games, I use math to figure out how many more points to win and how many points we're ahead. In the kitchen, math is very helpful.

We can measure how much ingredients we need. Sometimes I need to double the recipe or half the recipe. That requires multiplication and division. When I make food for other people, I need to know how many people there are to make enough for everyone. I also use math to set the table. I need to know how many people are there to set out the right amount.

Planting requires math too. I need to know how many seeds I need. Also I need to know how many holes to dig. We use math in many ways! It is very important!

external image cbrittany.jpg
What Mathematics Means To Me

Can you think what it would be like without math? You could not do a lot of things you can do now. When I want to bake cookies, I can because I use recipes. Or, when I go to the store with $10.00, I need to know math so I can get the right amount of things. When I go to a friend's house, I need to know how to tell time so I know when to go home. That is why we have mathematics, so we can do all these things and more.

external image ckevind.jpg
What Mathematics Means To Me
My name is Kevin. To me, math is adding and subtracting numbers. It's also making graphs and charts. Math is working with geometric shapes. Math is also working with money. Here are ways I use math in my life. For one I buy alot of things with money. That means I count out money and I subtract what I spend from what I've saved. Another way I use math in my life is in math class at school. I also talk with my Dad about sports statistics. Another thing I do is make graphs in science. Graphs help you compare things. When my Mom and I cook we use recipes that show us how much of each ingredient to measure out. I think math is a lot of fun.

external image ccollin.jpg
What Mathematics Means To Me

I use mathematics to start my day and help me enjoy living in Whitehorse, Yukon in postal code Y1A 5X5. My day begins by looking at the time on the alarm clock which rings at 6:42 am. I use math in preparing breakfast. When preparing breakfast I measure the right ingredients and set the baking temperature for biscuits. After breakfast I look at the outside thermometer to see if I need a coat. After deciding what to wear I get in my mom's van to drive a few kilometres to school. At school we learn division and multiplication facts, which will give me the skills to succeed in business.

external image ckevin.jpg
What Mathematics Means to Me
Mathematics means many to me. I use math everyday when I follow my school schedule. School subjects such as Science and Geography use math to help you learn. My family uses a calender to keep track of activities and to plan the days and times we have to do things. I also use a clock to tell time so I know when I have to wake up or go to bed. When I save my money, I learn how much I can spend for things that I want to buy. I use math to solve problems or to play games. Books and computers have games that have you solve problems to move on to higher challenges. Math is a part of my life every day.

external image celise.jpg
What Mathematics Means To Me

My family and I use math everyday and in many different ways. When we cook we use math by measuring ingredients and deciding how long to cook food. When we travel we use math to figure out how long it will take to get there and how far away it is. When we sew we are using math because we measure to see how much
fabric we need. My family and I also use math with money because we need to pay bills and buy things.

external image cchrism.jpg
What Mathematics Means To Me

To me mathematics means the dates that assignments are due. It means how many seconds I can sprint the shuttle run in gym class. It also means the number of presents I get at Christmas time. In school I take multiplication and division tests. When I think of mathematics I think of my teacher, because she teaches
mathematics to me. When I am at home mathematics means allowance, because I get money once a week and I save it until I spend it on things that I want. In my community I see math in local banks and in the construction of a new building. Mathematics is a big part of my life, I use it every day.

external image cbeth.jpg
What Mathematics Means To Me

Math is important to me because I need to know as much as I can about math. When I grow up I will have to know how to go shopping. I need to know how much an item cost so I can make sure I have enough money. If I want to buy two items I must add them together. I also need to subtract what I'm buying from the money I
have to know how much change to get back.

When I get a job I will need to know how much I get paid. If I make $2.00 per hour and I work 2 hours I get paid $4.00. This is how multiplication is important. I need to tell time. That way I can get to school on time. Numbers are important because I need to know how to read and write phone numbers. School is important to me because I learn math. I need to use math everyday so I want to learn lots about math.

external image calex.jpg
Collage of "What Mathematics Means To Me"

We use math several ways in our life. My dad uses math when he builds things out of wood. He measures to figure out how much wood he needs. We use math in grocery shopping. When using coupons we figure how much money we save. The community used math in figuring that we needed $1000 to build the new play set. That is how we use mathematics in our life.

external image cchris.jpg
What Mathematics Means To Me

We use math everyday in our lives. When we buy things, we count money and make change. To play games, you must be able to count, add, and subtract. We use math when we play sports to know the score. My dad uses math at work to measure things when he builds something. My mom uses math when she goes to the
grocery store. We all use math when we dial the phone, tell time, pump gas, and look at the calendar. Our lives would be much different with out math.

On a public bulletin board, students create a collage that identifies healthy snacks to assist other students in gaining an understanding of good nutrition. The display could incorporate packaging, advertising images, and nutritional information charts to increase impact and awareness.